John Cena could be SACKED by WWE after pulling out of WWE Crown Jewel

JOHN CENA could be sacked by the WWE after pulling out of WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia today.
Cena and fellow WWE star Daniel Bryan have both withdrawn from the event without giving any public reasons as to why.

It’s widely believed that they are refusing to travel because of the way Saudi Arabia has handled the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi – although this has not been confirmed.
Khashoggi, who was a critic of the Saudi government, was killed after he went into the Saudi Consulate in Turkey.
WWE expert Kefin Mahon, the host of the How2Wrestling podcast, says the result of such a withdrawal normally results on wrestlers getting ‘fired’.
He told the BBC: “It’s definitely not common… wrestlers no-showing is usually when they get fired.
“Wrestlers very much have to be very wary of what they say when it comes to big stances against WWE.”
WWE have taken swift action to cover for Cena and Bryan’s no-show.
Both have been written out of their storylines in the past few days with Bobby Lashley coming in for Cena and Samoa Joe replacing Bryan.
Cena shocked wrestling fans with a cryptic tweet hinting at retirement in September.
Cena tweeted: “Nothing lasts forever. When doing something you love make sure to be present and enjoy it.

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