Putin warns Europe of neglecting the tragedy of Syria’s consequences

Russian President Vladimir Putin has called on Europe to get rid of biased political positions and accelerate Syria’s reconstruction efforts if it wants to avoid a new wave of immigration to Europe.
“If the international community, and Europe in the first place, wants to avoid a new influx of migrants, it must rid itself of prejudice and help the Syrian people, away from any political prejudices, and support the political process,” Putin said during a press conference at the end of his participation in the East Asia Summit in Singapore on Thursday.

Putin expressed his hope that the Russian-French-German joint operations would continue to deliver humanitarian aid to the Syrian population.

Putin stressed that the return of refugees to Syria must be voluntary.
He pointed to the need to create conditions for returnees saying “We can expect a large-scale return of refugees only in the event of reconstruction of Syria.”
“No one can be forcibly returned,” he said, adding “People will return if there are basic supplies such as water, electricity and sanitation.
In which concern the reconstruction of Syria, Putin said “Russia is ready to do a large-scale work in those Syrian sectors, which will benefit us and the Syrian state,” he said.
“This joint work will create new jobs, rehabilitate the infrastructure and the like. There is much to be dealt with, adding that direct investments from the budget are not intended here,” he said.

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