Cristiano Ronaldo Could Be Banned For Juventus’ Next Champions League Match

The organising body will open an inquiry into Ronaldo for his gesture towards the Atletico Madrid fans, per Gazzetta dello Sport.
“UEFA will open an inquiry into the Ronaldo gesture at the end of #JuveAtletico. He risks a fine like Simeone, but if it were considered a mocking gesture towards the opposition fans it could turn into a disqualification for a game.”

However, the likeliest outcome is that Ronaldo will be slapped with a monetary punishment just like Diego Simeone, who was hit with a €20,000 fine for his celebration in the Champions League last-16 first-leg.
Cristiano Ronaldo Could Be Banned For Juventus' Next Champions League Match
The Atletico Madrid boss pointed to his crotch after his side’s victory against Juventus in the first-leg.
“It’s not a nice gesture,” he said about his celebration. “I admit, but I felt the need to do it,” he told the media after the full-time whistle.
“I did it as a player at Lazio and I did it again to show our fans that we have cojones. I can only apologize if anyone was offended. It wasn’t aimed at the other team, I was turning towards our own supporters.”
But the ‘cojones’ gesture backfired after Ronaldo copied Simeone’s celebration following his heroics on Tuesday and he wasn’t bitter about it.
Instead he was full of praise for the Portuguese superstar.
“Cristiano Ronaldo is the best in the world, he can put in these performances on big nights,” the Argentine gaffer said after the game.
“He will have seen how I did it at the Wanda Metropolitano and, like me, was trying to show his character.”
Will Juventus be without Ronaldo for their next European fixture???

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