EU demands clear Brexit plan in exchange for Brexit delay

EU demands clear Brexit plan in exchange for  Brexit delay
The UK must put forward a clear plan for what happens next if there is to be a delay to Brexit, EU leaders have warned.
Despite MPs voting in favour of extending the Article 50 negotiating period on Thursday night, the House of Commons has been told this does not necessarily rule out a no-deal Brexit.

Instead, MPs will either have to approve Prime Minister Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement, which they have already rejected twice, or come up with another proposal for breaking the deadlock at Westminster.
An official in French President Emmanuel Macron’s office said on Friday: “Without clarity – an adoption of the withdrawal agreement or a clear alternative – a no-deal would prevail.”
This stance was supported in Berlin, with Germany’s justice minister Katarina Barley stressing that “giving more time alone will produce no solution”.
She told local radio: “I think the EU would be willing to give more time, but there must be some sort of a plan about what should happen in this time.”
Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said: “If they want a delay the British need to explain how they plan to ensure a different outcome.”

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