WhatsApp needs you to update NOW to stop ‘snoopers’ reading messages

WhatsApp has issued a rare notice to its users urging them to enable a security feature which stops ‘snoopers’ from reading their private messages.
The Facebook-owned app posted a rare tweet calling on its followers to protect their iPhone using Apple’s FaceID or TouchID.

These two security mechanisms scan iPhone owners’ face or fingerprints before opening their phone or performing various important tasks such as remembering passwords on the Safari web browser or allowing access to banking apps.
The app wrote: ‘For an extra layer of protection on iPhone, use Touch ID or Face ID on WhatsApp to keep snoopers from reading your messages.’
The security feature was introduced in an update last month, so it’s not clear why WhatsApp decided to share it on Twitter this week.
To enable the iPhone security in WhatsApp, open up Settings before pressing Account, Privacy and them Screen Lock, which will let you turn on TouchID or FaceID.
You also have the option to select the amount of time before Touch ID or Face ID is prompted after WhatsApp is closed.
‘At WhatsApp, we care deeply about private messaging, and we’re excited to introduce Touch ID and Face ID on iPhone to help prevent someone from taking your phone and reading your messages,’ Whatsapp wrote.
A fingerprint scanning security feature is expected to be offered to Android users soon in a software update.

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