Adeleke’s Trial: A Political Witch-hunt?

Adeleke and Adamu

The Nigerian police last Tuesday arraigned Senator Ademola Adeleke before Mpape Magistrate Court, Abuja, over charges brought against him.

Adeleke had reportedly honoured an invitation by the police at the Force Headquarters last Monday, but was later detained.


Adeleke, former candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), had earlier arrested in September 2018, a few days to the Osun State governorship election in which he was seen as the most potent challenger to Adegboyega Oyetola, the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate, who later was declared winner of the election.

The PDP candidate was accused of writing his West African School Certificate Examination (WASC) conducted by the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) with muddled identity to beef up his credentials for the governorship election.

Since the trial, analysts had been wondering if the police action against Adeleke was politically motivated or not.

Trial May Be Handiwork Of Adeleke’s Enemies – Lawyer

Steve Obere Aimiegbereta, a Benin-based legal practitioner, said: “I wouldn’t know if Senator Adeleke’s prosecution is politically motivate because I am not a politician. All I will say as a lawyer is that the Senator’s prosecution may have been based on a petition by his political enemies, either in or outside politics, who may be out to bring him down as a person or politically.

“However, if the Senator is being witch-hunted  innocently, there is no way he will not get out of it and it is also possible that this is the way God wants him to attain political fame. Remember, this is a man who was living his quiet life before the death of his elder brother and from nowhere he was brought in to contest the Senatorial seat of his late brother which he was not interested in and he won. Thereafter, he contested the governorship and we all knew what happened but the election tribunal returned him as the winner. Although I just heard this afternoon that the Court of Appeal has nullified that verdict but he may go to the Supreme Court to get his victory which is very possible. This is why I said  earlier on that all these travails he is going through could be designed by God to strengthen him for leadership which he was dodging. Whichever way you look at it this is part of Nigeria politics”

Indeed, Adeleke’s Trial Is Political –PDP Chief

Chief Donald Brosu, a member of the Delta State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Campaign Organisation for the 2019 general elections, stated: “Yes, the trial of Sen. Ademola Adeleke, the PDP gubernatorial candidate for the Osun governorship election, is politically motivated. Everything points in that direction.

It Is A Witch-Hunt – Onuosoke

Chief Sunny Onuosoke, a PDP chieftain in Delta State, said: “No doubt, Senator Adeleke’s trial is a witch-hunt that will definitely be futile. It is a grand plot to tarnish, blemish and destroy the mind of the PDP governor-elect, Senator Adeleke, so as to stop him from being sworn in after being returned by the recent ruling by the State Election Tribunal as the lawfully elected governor of Osun State, which the All Progressives Congress (APC), in connivance with the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) had usurped through the back door of an illegally conducted re-run election.

“The illegal persecution of the senator by the powers-that-be would only end up endearing the true governor-elect closer to heart of Osun people, thereby making him the most loved governor in Nigeria. The  action of the Police in carrying out the script of the ruling party in a matter before the court of competent jurisdiction only goes to show how compromised the institutions of state in our country has been under the ruling all progressive congress, it’s so unfortunate.”

Only the gladiators know what is happening – (ADP) Scribe

Chief Dominic Mbanwe Iwunn, Secretary, Action Democratic Party (ADP), Ehime Mbano, Imo State, stated: “Honesty, I cannot say if the trial of Adeleke is politically motivated or not, only the gladiators in the governorship tussle there know what is happening.”

PDP Should Be Blamed For Adeleke’s Travails – Critic

Nifemi Adejuwon, a social critic, has expressed displeasure over how the Adeleke’s issue is being handled, saying the PDP should be blamed for his travails. Adejuwon queried: “Is Senator Ademola Adeleke the best candidate for the party to be presented for the governorship election in the state?”

He maintained that there were several better governorship aspirants that showed interest, but the party zero its mind on Adeleke because his family has money to throw about to fight the governorship election.

According to him, “At the time Senator Adeleke emerged during the party’s governorship primary, many others aspirants that shown interest in the race with better requirements were not supported and the leadership of the party was looking for who has money to fight the governorship election which is the main problem the party is having now.

“During the primary, everything was manipulated to favour Senator Adeleke because his family has money to throw about for it and that was why the PDP governorship primary was still being challenged in court, while the challengers were tagged as anti-party.

“Dr. Akin Ogunbiyi, one of the PDP’s governorship aspirants, still believes that he won the primary, but because he is a green horns in politics, he was edged out for Senator Ademola Adeleke.”

Adejuwon further said the trial was politically motivated because anybody that must come with equity must also come with clean hands, stating that Adeleke did not meet the requirements set for governorship election, but he got a waiver because of the circumstances that surrounded the sudden death of his elder brother, Senator Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke, and the ticket was used just to compensate the family on the death.

He further claimed that the matter surrounding his certificate and testimonial issue was criminal in nature and the constitution and Electoral Act were too weak and ambiguous to address such a situation, adding that “had the constitution and Electoral Act be clear that anybody that would be the governor of a state must passed secondary school with credit pass, this situation would have been taken care off.

He stressed: “Senator Ademola Adeleke, to me, has no working experience. How can such a person sit there as governor of the state, where we have so many brilliant people? The above facts and many more were reasons why some stakeholders like me do not want to identify with his case.”

Adeleke’s Trial Caused By Governorship Tussle – Women Leader


Nneoma Eunice Ibeawuchi, Women Leader, All Grassroots Alliance (AGA), Nwangele LGA, Imo State: “Senator Adeleke trial’s cannot be divorced from the on-going governorship battle in the state. Although, I am not from Osun State, I have been watching the on-going political drama in that state because as the saying goes, ‘You can only tell a blind man that there is no oil in a soup, but you cannot tell him that there is no salt or pepper in it.”


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