Insecurity: Buratai Chasing Shadows, Or Being Partisan?

Lt.-Gen. Tukur Buratai, Chief of Army Staff

Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai, Chief of Army Staff, last Wednesday accused some defeated politicians in the just-concluded general elections of being responsible for the current heightened situation in parts of the country.

Buratai levelled the accusation in Maiduguri when he received the House Committee on Army led by its Chairman, Hon. Remande Shawulu, at the Theatre Command.


He said: “The myriad of security challenges we are facing now in the North West, North Central and other parts of the country, I want to believe and rightly so, is the fall-out of the just-concluded general elections.

“There are several political interests, politicians in particular not happy with their defeat and therefore, trying to take revenge, sponsoring some these criminal activities.

“There are strong political undertone, strong political influence. So, I will use this opportunity to call on the honourable members here to prevail on some of these politicians to look at national interest first before any other political or sectional interest. We have some strong evidences but we are still being cautious so that we don’t get it wrong,’’ Buratai said.

The Army Chief advised those politicians against doing anything to aggravate the security challenges.

However, Nigerians have been speaking on Burantai’s allegation, with has been eliciting varied opinions.

Buratai Not Telling Nigerians Truth – Don

Dr. Maison Efeduma Gbokoda, a Benin-based university lecturer, said: “There is no reason why I should believe such allegation because since the inception of the Buhari administration, the country has been facing security challenges. The problem did not start this year or soon after the just-concluded general elections.

“The issue of insecurity became worse immediately the  Buhari government came into power. It started with herdsmen’s menace across the country. The herdsmen/farmers clashes escalated as soon as Buhari was sworn in. His silence over it was the worry of every Nigerian until it was alleged that the President is the Patron of Meyiti Allah, hence he refused to call them to order.

The President did not refute the allegation. Rather, the Federal Government came up with ranching policy that almost set the country ablaze. Buhari’s administration inherited the problem of Boko Haram, but it was not as bad as what it is now. When he was campaigning in 2014/2015, he told the electorate that he will crush Boko Haram in three months of assuming office. Today, where are we?

“The security problem Nigeria faces now is no longer Boko Haram and herdsmen alone, but banditry, kidnapping, armed robbery and murder on a higher dimension, especially in the North. Most rich people in the North have relocated to Abuja and Dubai as a result of the unprecedented kidnap cases.

“Burantai is not telling the nation the truth. As the  Chief of Army Staff, he should not be apportioning blames, He should be fighting insecurity, rather than blaming defeated politicians. His allegation shows that he and the government have failed. Burantai should mobilise his men and materials to confront the nation’s insecurity, rather than lamenting or blaming it on the defeated politicians.”

APC’s Style Of Governance Causing Insecurity – Lawyer

Mr. Greg Ofodile, Awka-based lawyer, said it is easy to discover who instigates the nation’s insecurity, but, he pointed accusing fingers at the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

Ofodile said: “The way the ruling party has been piloting the affairs of the country has led to rising insecurity. When you look at how the herdsmen are treated with deodorant, while small groups who are not as vicious as herdsmen are being haunted, persecuted and prosecuted, you will see that if you do  not have justice in the system, there is bound to be a commotion because not many people believe in the country anymore.”

Ofodile said that people believe that the government is for a certain tribe, religion or ethnic group. Headed: “There is no spirit of nationhood. Everything that government does is being viewed with suspicion and it is justified. The people surrounding the President are hypocritical, sycophantic, religious bigots, while others are branded as corrupt and fueling insecurity.

“The worst thing is that the President is not even conscious that he is being flattered. During his party’s nomination, they said that many people and someone like Governor Yahaya Bello who cannot even pay workers’ salaries bought form for him. These are apart from the recent award by APC governors showing mediocrity and undermine the sensitivity of the people.”

He is also talked about high handedness on the part of President Buhari on so many occasions. For instance, “20 days before the election, Buhari unconstitutionally removed the Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN). Within 24 hours, he appointed Mohammed Tanko in acting capacity. Within 24 hours Tanko inaugurated members of the election tribunal. He now set up a kangaroo trial for CJN that tried him. He appealed. The Court of Appeal shirked in their duty in calling a spade by its name that there was no fair hearing from the beginning”.

Ofodile also wondered how many herdsmen that are being arrested and detained. He also pointed out the appointment of Justice Bulkashawa as chairman of the Presidential tribunal and her refusal to recuse herself because “she is on assignment”. He predicted that the judge will play some games to deceive the public.

Opposition Parties Have Not Done Anything Abnormal – PDP Scribe

Nwangwu Nnamdi, the Anambra State Publicity Secretary of PDP in his contribution urged the ruling APC to look inwards. According to Nwangwu, the opposition parties have not done anything abnormal to be seen to be behind insecurity.

Politicians Are Deceitful – Politician

Comrade Abdullahi Mohammed Jabi,Minna-based politician, said: “I think I share in the assertion by the Chief of Army Staff, Gen. Tukur Buratai, on his fears about prevalent security situation and that defeated politicians in the last general elections were behind it. Politicians are generally deceitful and naturally many of them are not happy and unwilling to accept the outcome of the elections. They can go to any length to do whatever they like to possible frustrate the government in order to overturn things in their favour.

“A number of other factors, including global economic situation and population explosion causing joblessness cannot be ruled out as well. Comments or utterances from most of the candidates that lost in the last election and leaders of political parties that participated but lost in the elections to an extent gives credence to the fact that they could be liable for the rising insecurity in Nigeria today.

“For instance, what happened or is happening in Kano State is more of political than struggle for how many emirate councils to be carved out of Kano State or who controls Kano Emirate, that is politics for you. I also share in the Chief of Staff’s assertion 80 percent because all the politicians have their armed soldiers they use as thugs to perpetrate political mayhem and when the elections are over many of the armed youths turn to the society with the guns and other deadly weapons given to them by the politicians during electioneering campaigns.

“I am not excluding the fact that the porous Nigerian boarder with neighbouring countries contribute to the smuggling or circulation of small arms and ammunition into the country, thereby heightening the level of insecurity we are experiencing today.”

Buratai Should Provide More Information – PPC Chief

Chief Ohiaku Nkwachukwu Nwaforo, Chairman, Providence Peoples Congress (PPC), Okigwe LGA, Imo State, said: “I am surprised that the Chief of Army Staff could make such a statement. Is he saying that the Boko Haram people killing and destroying properties are defeated politicians? Since he knows that it is defeated politicians that are behind our security challenges, what has he done?

“Let him go ahead and tell us what parties they belong to and the very positions they ran for, but lost. The Chief of Army Staff should give us the identify of these politicians who lost their deposits at the polls, but who now fueling insecurity in this country and from there we will take it otherwise, I will not believe what he said.”

COAS Should Name Culprits – PDC Scribe


Ezinne Fidelia Adaji Ibekwem – Secretary People For Democratic Change (PDC) Nwangele LGA, Imo State, “Let the Chief of Army Staff name one of such defeated politicians to prove his allegation.  Are the defeated politicians responsible for kidnapping abduction, hostage taking, robbery, murder and assassination? Can this be true? Let us not give a dog a bad name to hang it.”


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